You need weigh scale software to run your forestry business properly. Weigh scaling is the determination of the gross and net volume of logs. The primary purpose of weight scaling is to determine the volume by product or species that will be charged at a predetermined rate, which is also known as “scaling for payment”.

Conventional scaling entails measuring log diameters and lengths and applying an approved set of rules to deduct for defects. This process determines the gross and net volume of a given number (generally log truck loads) of logs. Every log in the load can be scaled or any one of a number of approved sampling methods can be used. This includes scaling a portion of loads, 3p scaling or sample weight scaling. Another method being used more frequently is weight scaling, especially on low value material where there is a single species/product, or where all the products being weighed are close to the same value. Scale volume may be expressed in terms of cubic feet, cords, tons, linear feet, or number of pieces.

No matter how you decide to weigh your goods, you’ll need weighing scale software. Our Scale Boss Weight Scale Software is just what you need. Scale Boss is weigh scale software for the forest industry. It lets drivers or scalers process receipts quickly and accurately through a user-friendly touch screen interface, or via bar codes or swipe cards. All entries are validated against your contract/order information. Scale boss is weigh scale software that captures weights directly from the weight scale and sends loads back to the payment system so you are paid the correct amount each time.

Scale Boss can run as either an attended or unattended weigh scale system. You don’t need staff on hand when a load is checked in. The software does the weighing and logging into the system. It’s an effective software system that can save and make you money. Our weigh scale software validates data entry against your contract/order information to ensure accuracy. We are big on accuracy. It is important for your business to run effectively so it’s important to us.

You can enter a contract/order and other set up data directly into Scale Boss, feed it in from Yard Boss or import it from your third party contract system. This weigh scale software manages sampling rules, quotas/order limits and truck overloads. Scale Boss lets you handle special cases like split loads and cull deductions for your raw material supply. You can interface to any modern weigh bridge scale indicator to capture valid weights. Our weigh scale software allows you enter data manually on a touch-screen or automatically using bar codes, swipe cards, or other forms of electronic data input. You can export load data to Yard Boss or a third-party fiber accounting software for processing.

As you can see, our weigh scale software is great for automation. It’s configurable and will help you meet audit requirements. For more information on Scale Boss, please visit our website at: We’re happy to help you find the weighing scale software you need.


Accurate scale data is paramount to proper fiber supply management. Without, it becomes difficult to conduct essential business activities, such as prove wood origin or pay suppliers. Manual entry by truck drivers or even scale attendants still leaves room for expensive mistakes and while paper trip tickets are helpful, the paperwork burdens you with extra data-entry.

ALDATA’s web-based Gate Pass software lets you and your suppliers work together to create detailed, barcoded trip tickets drivers can scan at our Scale Boss unattended weigh scales. Not only are you sure the data is accurate, but scale data are entered faster than ever.

Its web-based program is so configurable that it allows you to specify your fields while controlling high level contract information. You can even include items such as logos and legally required text. With detailed, role-based and password protected security, Custody Manager can be accessed from anywhere to generate either multi or single-use tickets. This creates a collaboration between yourself and suppliers that results in quicker scale-time and increased accuracy. This is no small feat in forestry operations.

Gate Pass can be set-up manually by you or imported by Yard Boss, Scale Boss, or other third-party systems. It controls delivery volumes by generating trip tickets and processing scale data faster. This is done with less paperwork and more detail. It provides greater accuracy than that found in traditional forest management processes. Clearly, this tightens the loop on fraud prevention and timber security. 

Does your raw material supply chain include virgin timber, residual fiber, recycled stock or biomass? If so, ALDATA has fiber accounting software to help you. Our fiber management software is used to process raw material transactions quickly and accurately. That way your data is available in near real-time. This will help support management decisions based on the amount of fiber stock you have on hand.

Fiber Accounting Software

ALDATA’s fiber accounting software is perfect for the forest industry. It’s configurable to match your business rules. Our software implementation services will show you just how well this fiber accounting software can work with your business. We have four main products to help you with your fiber accounting. You can visit their product pages for more information. They are:

Yard Boss – Specifically designed for fiber supply management, the implementation of this software will help you handle the many variations in raw material supply chain management practices across all facility and fiber types. The Yard Boss can truly help you run your yard.

Scale Boss – This software lets drivers or scalers process receipts quickly and accurately through a user-friendly touch screen interface or via barcodes or swipe cards and more. All entries are validated through your contract/order information. Scale Boss captures a weight directly from the weigh scale and sends loads back to the payment system.

Gate Pass – You know you need accurate scale data to manage fiber supply, prove wood origin and pay your suppliers. Asking truck drivers for that key information can be error-producing. Paper trip tickets can help, but they’re usually a burden. It’s usually too much paperwork. ALDATA’s web-based Gate Pass software allows you and your suppliers to work together to create a detailed, barcoded trip tickets that your drivers can scan at our Scale Boss unattended weigh scales. You can be sure the data is accurate and entered faster than ever.

Custody Manager - Proving chain of custody is increasingly important as forest certification programs demand that forest managers track the origin of each load of wood. Custody Manager eliminates the need for elaborate documentation and time-consuming field audits. These can damage your reputation and your business. Custody Manager will give you the proof you need while eliminating complicated paperwork.

Now that you know what software we offer, you may be wondering about our software implementation services. We provide extensive implementation services so that you can get your software customized and running specifically for your business. If you have limited IT resources, you may need us to take the lead and get your software implemented properly. We can do that. Sometimes, you have a project that requires product specialists to join your client project team for subject matter and training expertise and needs. ALDATA can deliver your services remotely or visit your site. Whatever you need with your software implementation services, we can comply. Our goal is to make sure you get the greatest ROI from your ALDATA system.

The greatest thing about software implementation services is that our teams know how our systems will fit into your business. Our senior project managers have a minimum of ten years of experience with our systems. We will also work hard to get to know your business so the software implementation will be seamless. We want to fully understand the system design and scope of the project. When utilizing software implementation services, surprises are not a welcome thing. We understand this.

ALDATA is also a leader in industry knowledge and experience. We can advise you on the best practice from all over the globe. We also believe in training the trainer. We know you need someone on-site to manage our software so we will teach them the ins and outs of the programs so that they can teach others in your organization, saving you time and money. We will also test the system before it’s installed and lead your Super Users through another full system test with your data before you go live. You will appreciate the care we take to make sure everything is ready with our software implementation services.

For more information about our software implementation services view our website at We look forward to working with you.

A Scale System To Meet All Your Needs

Posted by admin on November 13, 2016


Human error and lost-time are two major obstacles for timber related business. With its infinite variables, managing these accurately and in real-time has always been a challenge. Time is money and all too often, in the forest products industry, both are lost through inefficiency and  lack of control. Fortunately, ALDATA Software has over 20 years experience in forestry consulting and information technology. Its team, most who’ve been with the company over ten years, is made up of individuals with deep knowledge of the ins and outs surrounding these companies.

It’s with this insight that Scale Boss was born in 1995. It operates both as a stand-alone system, or in conjunction with Yard Boss or third-party accounting software. Scale Boss captures weight directly from the weigh scale sending load information back to the payment system. It automates the entire scale process, reducing human error thus, saving time by getting trucks over faster. 

Gone are the days of slow paper tickets filled out by drivers with ALDATA Software’s user-friendly touch screen interface or barcode integration. Scale Boss is configurable   to suit individual business and industry needs. Since all entries are validated against your contract or order information, Scale Boss provides error-free data entry and eliminates the need for scale operators. It also manages complicated cases such as sampling rules, quota or order limits, and truck overloads. It can even handle special cases such as split loads and cull deductions for your raw material supply.

truck on scale.jpg

It has successfully been implemented in small-scale operations as well as industry leaders who have multiple sites and numerous contract models. Fully automated, Scale Boss is designed for raw or recycled fiber and is used by biomass plants, sawmills, lumber mills, pulp and paper mills and other related timber management facilities.

ALDATA Software's Forest Industry Software

Posted by admin on September 29, 2016


Natural fiber is big business, and it’s a business which has evolved by leaps and bounds over the last several decades. Thanks to the ubiquity of computers within the forestry, sawmill, lumber, and timber related industries, paper record management is a thing of the past. Even though members of the natural fiber industry have adopted digital record keeping, many members of the industry are still falling short of being as effective and efficient as they could be, and most of the reason why is a failure to adopt industry specific software to meet industry specific needs. As professional developers of fiber supply management software, we at ALDATA Software meet members of the fiber supply industry on a regular basis who continue to run operations on generic forms of software intended for a wide range of private business applications. These businesses adopt the same kind of supply management software as non-fiber / timber related businesses and expect the software to meet all their needs. Most of the time, it doesn’t, and personnel are required to fill in the gaps by taking time away from other tasks to find ways to augment or adapt to the software.

When it comes to selecting the best fiber supply management software for your forestry, sawmill, lumber, or timber related business, the best thing you can do is invest in software specifically designed for your business built by professionals who understand your industry. ALDATA Software offers just that. With our “Yard Boss” fiber supply management software, you can begin making your fiber supply operation as effective and efficient as possible. Say goodbye to time lost trying to figure out how to make generic, non-specific supply management software work for your business, and adopt a powerful, fiber centric software with all the tools you need to manage every step in the supply chain process. We work with fiber industry suppliers around the world and, while no two businesses are exactly alike, those running our Yard Boss software consistently prove to be more effective and efficient. ALDATA Software has been perfecting our Yard Boss software for the last 25 years, and we’re constantly working to update the fiber supply management software to meet the ever changing needs of the fiber supply industry.

In addition to being specifically designed fiber supply management software, Yard Boss is completely configurable for every aspect of your business, from contract management to truck management. Fields, lists, screens, units of measure, etc. can be customized depending on your business’ preferences. Security settings can be customized based on the roles of those who will use the software to ensure compliance with accounting rules. Yard Boss can be integrated with financial and other management systems to keep every department of your business on the same page. You’ll even be able to establish electronic approvals and ticket change tracking.

To learn more about how your fiber related business can benefit from our Yard Boss fiber supply management software, and about the other products and services that we offer, visit us online at (when uploading put contact link here)