You need weigh scale software to run your forestry business properly. Weigh scaling is the determination of the gross and net volume of logs. The primary purpose of weight scaling is to determine the volume by product or species that will be charged at a predetermined rate, which is also known as “scaling for payment”.

Conventional scaling entails measuring log diameters and lengths and applying an approved set of rules to deduct for defects. This process determines the gross and net volume of a given number (generally log truck loads) of logs. Every log in the load can be scaled or any one of a number of approved sampling methods can be used. This includes scaling a portion of loads, 3p scaling or sample weight scaling. Another method being used more frequently is weight scaling, especially on low value material where there is a single species/product, or where all the products being weighed are close to the same value. Scale volume may be expressed in terms of cubic feet, cords, tons, linear feet, or number of pieces.

No matter how you decide to weigh your goods, you’ll need weighing scale software. Our SMSTurbo Weight Scale Software is just what you need. SMSTurbo is weigh scale software for the forest industry. It lets drivers or scalers process receipts quickly and accurately through a user-friendly touch screen interface, or via bar codes or swipe cards. All entries are validated against your contract/order information. SMSTurbo is weigh scale software that captures weights directly from the weight scale and sends loads back to the payment system so you are paid the correct amount each time.

SMSTurbo can run as either an attended or unattended weigh scale system. You don’t need staff on hand when a load is checked in. The software does the weighing and logging into the system. It’s an effective software system that can save and make you money. Our weigh scale software validates data entry against your contract/order information to ensure accuracy. We are big on accuracy. It is important for your business to run effectively so it’s important to us.

You can enter a contract/order and other set up data directly into SMSTurbo, feed it in from Yard Boss or import it from your third party contract system. This weigh scale software manages sampling rules, quotas/order limits and truck overloads. SMSTurbo lets you handle special cases like split loads and cull deductions for your raw material supply. You can interface to any modern weigh bridge scale indicator to capture valid weights. Our weigh scale software allows you enter data manually on a touch-screen or automatically using bar codes, swipe cards, or other forms of electronic data input. You can export load data to Yard Boss or a third-party fiber accounting software for processing.