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Gate Pass

Web-Based Software for Barcoded Trip Tickets

Accurate scale data to manage fiber supply, prove wood origin and pay suppliers is critical. Truck drivers for entering information can be error-prone. Paper trip tickets help, but the paperwork is a burden. ALDATA's web-based Gate Pass software lets customers and their suppliers work together to create detailed barcoded trip tickets drivers can scan at weigh scales.

Web-Based Software for Barcoded Trip Tickets


  • Web-based system allows you to control the high-level contract data on the Gate Pass and have your suppliers log in to fill in the details
  • Configure your Gate Pass to match your requirements - your logo, your field names and any legally required text that must appear on your Bill of Lading
  • 2D bar-code contains all the scale data to be scanned in at the scalehouse
  • Data selections are based on your contract/order information
  • Set up data can be entered by hand, fed in from SMSYardBoss/SMSTurbo or imported from a third-party system
  • Single-use gate passes are valid for the delivery of one load only - a unique Bill of Lading
  • Multi-use gate passes can be used as long as the contract details are valid
  • Validity date ranges and target delivery dates help to keep your fiber flowing on schedule
  • Add special comments/delivery instructions to one pass or all passes

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