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Custody Manager

Create Barcoded Trip Tickets with GPS in the Woods

Proving chain of custody is increasingly important as forest certification programs demand forest managers track the origin of each load of wood. Custody Manager eliminates the need for elaborate documentation and time-consuming field audits which often leave a shadow of doubt and the lingering opportunity for fraud. Custody Manager gives you the proof you need while eliminating complicated paperwork.


  • Manage trip tickets and scale data faster with less paperwork, more detail and greater accuracy
  • Close the loop on fraud prevention and timber security
  • Ruggedly tested to withstand extreme dust, vibration, and temperature fluctuation
  • Web-based administration through ALDATA's Gate Pass lets you control the high-level contract data and have your suppliers log in to fill in the details
  • GPS stamp proves chain of custody
  • Scan 2D barcoded trip tickets at the unattended weigh scales for speed and accuracy
  • Configurable field names, lists, screen orders, pass layout and more to fit your business
  • Detailed role-based security with password protection

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