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Raw Material Supply Chain Management

ALDATA Software specializes in developing raw material supply chain management software. We develop, implement, and support highly configurable, innovative, forestry management software and hardware solutions. Our product lines can be integrated with one another as a full enterprise suite, or function as stand-alone programs capable of integrating with accounting and other management systems.

At the high end of the supply chain is the Boss Line with Yard Boss, a woodland accounting, commodity management and inventory management system. Moving along, Scale Boss is our scale management program. ALDATA’s TAGASIS Line takes the supply chain out of the office and into the woods, with Gate Pass functioning as a vendor management tool generating convenient supplier gate pass’. Custody Manager, proves chain of custody from the field, tagging load slips with the GPS stamp of the load.

Finally is AVL, developed to track speed infractions and routes, generate event reports, and cycle time analysis.