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Raw Material Supply Chain Management Software Designed for Fiber Industries

Fiber Supply Management Made Simple

If your raw material supply chain includes virgin timber, residual fiber, recycled stock or biomass, ALDATA’s Boss Line suite of fiber supply management software can help you streamline your fiber procurement process. Pulp mills, paper mills, sawmills, wood yards, timber managers, biomass/biofuel and pellet facilities across North America and Australia are using ALDATA’s fiber management software to process raw material transactions quickly and accurately, so their data is available in near real-time to support their management decisions. 

With ALDATA’s systems, you get the best of both worlds – an off-the-shelf, fully-supported system developed originally to meet the specific needs of the forest industry that’s so configurable that it can be set up to match your business rules. New business requirements crop up every day in the fiber industries we serve and we’re always evolving, so if there’s still that “one thing” you do that we don’t, we’ll work with you to customize the system so it fits.  

  • A Custom Fit Straight Out-of-the-Box
  • What You Need, When You Need It

The complete Boss Line includes Yard Boss for fiber supply contract management, payments and inventory, Scale Boss for unattended weigh scales and the web-based Gate Pass software for barcoded trip tickets. You can start with just the one software package you really need to solve a specific problem in your raw material supply chain and expand with the rest of the Boss Line suite at any time. Every piece of the ALDATA system works seamlessly with the rest, and we can integrate our software with your existing ERP, accounting, land management or other legacy systems as required.