Does your raw material supply chain include virgin timber, residual fiber, recycled stock or biomass? If so, ALDATA has fiber accounting software to help you. Our fiber management software is used to process raw material transactions quickly and accurately. That way your data is available in near real-time. This will help support management decisions based on the amount of fiber stock you have on hand.

Fiber Accounting Software

ALDATA’s fiber accounting software is perfect for the forest industry. It’s configurable to match your business rules. Our software implementation services will show you just how well this fiber accounting software can work with your business. We have four main products to help you with your fiber accounting. You can visit their product pages for more information. They are:

SMSYardBoss – Specifically designed for fiber supply management, the implementation of this software will help you handle the many variations in raw material supply chain management practices across all facility and fiber types. The SMSYardBoss can truly help you run your yard.

SMSTurbo – This software lets drivers or scalers process receipts quickly and accurately through a user-friendly touch screen interface or via barcodes or swipe cards and more. All entries are validated through your contract/order information. SMSTurbo captures a weight directly from the weigh scale and sends loads back to the payment system.

Gate Pass – You know you need accurate scale data to manage fiber supply, prove wood origin and pay your suppliers. Asking truck drivers for that key information can be error-producing. Paper trip tickets can help, but they’re usually a burden. It’s usually too much paperwork. ALDATA’s web-based Gate Pass software allows you and your suppliers to work together to create a detailed, barcoded trip tickets that your drivers can scan at our SMSTurbo unattended weigh scales. You can be sure the data is accurate and entered faster than ever.

Custody Manager – Proving chain of custody is increasingly important as forest certification programs demand that forest managers track the origin of each load of wood. Custody Manager eliminates the need for elaborate documentation and time-consuming field audits. These can damage your reputation and your business. Custody Manager will give you the proof you need while eliminating complicated paperwork.

Now that you know what software we offer, you may be wondering about our software implementation services. We provide extensive implementation services so that you can get your software customized and running specifically for your business. If you have limited IT resources, you may need us to take the lead and get your software implemented properly. We can do that. Sometimes, you have a project that requires product specialists to join your client project team for subject matter and training expertise and needs. ALDATA can deliver your services remotely or visit your site. Whatever you need with your software implementation services, we can comply. Our goal is to make sure you get the greatest ROI from your ALDATA system.

The greatest thing about software implementation services is that our teams know how our systems will fit into your business. Our senior project managers have a minimum of ten years of experience with our systems. We will also work hard to get to know your business so the software implementation will be seamless. We want to fully understand the system design and scope of the project. When utilizing software implementation services, surprises are not a welcome thing. We understand this.

ALDATA is also a leader in industry knowledge and experience. We can advise you on the best practice from all over the globe. We also believe in training the trainer. We know you need someone on-site to manage our software so we will teach them the ins and outs of the programs so that they can teach others in your organization, saving you time and money. We will also test the system before it’s installed and lead your Super Users through another full system test with your data before you go live. You will appreciate the care we take to make sure everything is ready with our software implementation services.