Accurate scale data is paramount to proper fiber supply management. Without, it becomes difficult to conduct essential business activities, such as prove wood origin or pay suppliers. Manual entry by truck drivers or even scale attendants still leaves room for expensive mistakes and while paper trip tickets are helpful, the paperwork burdens you with extra data-entry.

ALDATA’s web-based Gate Pass software lets you and your suppliers work together to create detailed, barcoded trip tickets drivers can scan at our SMSTurbo unattended weigh scales. Not only are you sure the data is accurate, but scale data are entered faster than ever.

Its web-based program is so configurable that it allows you to specify your fields while controlling high level contract information. You can even include items such as logos and legally required text. With detailed, role-based and password protected security, Custody Manager can be accessed from anywhere to generate either multi or single-use tickets. This creates a collaboration between yourself and suppliers that results in quicker scale-time and increased accuracy. This is no small feat in forestry operations.

Gate Pass can be set-up manually by you or imported by SMSYardBoss, SMSTurbo, or other third-party systems. It controls delivery volumes by generating trip tickets and processing scale data faster. This is done with less paperwork and more detail. It provides greater accuracy than that found in traditional forest management processes. Clearly, this tightens the loop on fraud prevention and timber security.