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Raw Material Supply Chain Management Software Designed for Fiber Industries

Gate Pass

Web-Based Software for Barcoded Trip Tickets

You need accurate scale data to manage fiber supply, prove wood origin and pay suppliers. Asking truck drivers for key information can be error-prone. Paper trip tickets help, but the paperwork is a burden. ALDATA’s web-based Gate Pass software lets you and your suppliers work together to create detailed, barcoded trip tickets drivers can scan at our Scale Boss unattended weigh scales. Not only are you sure the data is accurate, but scale data are entered faster than ever.



  • Web-based system allows you to control the high-level contract data on the Gate Pass and have your suppliers log in to fill in the details
  • Configure your Gate Pass to match your requirements – your logo, your field names and any legally required text that must appear on your Bill of Lading
  • 2D bar-code contains all the scale data to be scanned in at the scalehouse
  • Data selections are based on your contract/order information
  • Set up data can be entered by hand, fed in from Yard Boss/Scale Boss or imported from a third-party system
  • Single-use gate passes are valid for the delivery of one load only -- a unique Bill of Lading
  • Multi-use gate passes can be used as long as the contract details are valid
  • Validity date ranges and target delivery dates help to keep your fiber flowing on schedule
  • Add special comments/delivery instructions to one pass or all passes


Manage trip tickets and scale data faster with less paperwork, more detail and greater accuracy
Web-based to give you and your suppliers access to create Gate Passes from anywhere
Scan 2D barcoded trip tickets at the scales
Configurable field names, lists, screen orders, pass layout and more to fit your business
Detailed role-based security with password protection
Tighten the loop on fraud prevention and timber security