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Raw Material Supply Chain Management Software Designed for Fiber Industries

Yard Boss

Specially Designed for Fiber Supply Management

Pulp mills, paper mills and biomass facilities in the Southern U.S. manage their businesses differently than Canadian sawmills or Australian timber managers but they all use Yard Boss. Over 25 years, Yard Boss has evolved to handle the many variations in raw material supply chain management practices across all facility and fiber types.



  • Fiber supply contract management and sales agreements for both purchased/owned timber and open market (gatewood) contracts
  • Delivered price or unbundled fiber costing to pay an unlimited number of suppliers, landowners, haulers and government fees/taxes off a single load ticket
  • Contract-specific or standard rate sheets
  • Special payment terms like production advances, lump sums, holdbacks and surcharges
  • Settlement/invoice processing on varying pay frequencies (e.g. weekly for truckers and monthly for severance)
  • Automatic emailing of vendor settlements/invoices (optional)
  • Configurable Order/Quota Management
  • Log inventory or pile inventory by load or by volume, at actual or average costing
  • Chip quality and moisture sampling with fully-configurable quality parameters and pay incentives based on quality data
  • Estimates for Timber Cruise and Standing Timber Depletion
  • Truck management including overload flagging


Configurable fields, screens, lists, units of measure, payment types, etc. to match your business rules
Detailed, role-based security settings ensure compliance with accounting rules for division of duties
Electronic approvals and built-in contract/ticket change tracking keep the auditors happy
✓  Powerful reporting in familiar formats like Excel pivot tables and an open database let you extract your data in real time
 Can be integrated with financial systems, ERPs and other management systems