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Raw Material Supply Chain Management Software Designed for Fiber Industries

Custom Development

After more than two decades of building software to manage the fiber industry's business, there's one thing we know for sure. No matter how many features and functions we build into our systems, or how many new software products we come out with, someone, somewhere is doing business just a little differently than everyone else. Even a slight variation in how you do business may be a major competitive advantage to you, and we wouldn't want you to lose that. Our development team will work with you to customize our base systems to fit your requirements.


Rapid Development Application

Clearly identified project phases, deliverables and responsibilites.
Development of clear project specifications
Complete partnership with our clients in the project team composition to ensure knowlege/technology transfer to the key IT and business stakeholders
Formal communications plans take advantage of web-based technologies to keep us in touch with all stakeholders
Change Management Protocols to limit scope/cost creep
Iterative development process to create manageable project sections with clearly defined outcomes, and allow for redirection on more frequent intervals
Formal Quality Control Processes with written test plans and a defect tracking system


If you have a good idea for an addition to our fiber supply management system, call us to talk about a development partnership.